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How You Can Make an Impact

While making a financial donation to our organization may be the quickest way to help those in need, it is not the only option! 


Mental health advocacy is one of the most important ways to end the ongoing crisis. Contacting your local or state elected officials encouraging the prioritization of mental health may lead to substantial changes in our healthcare system. On a smaller scale, using less stigmatizing language, speaking up for those that are struggling, and offering your support can make a lasting impact.


Volunteers are vital to nonprofit operations and by volunteering with a small organization like Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds, you would be providing an outstanding depth of service to your community. If you are interested in volunteering, but are unable to spend time with our organization, we encourage you to offer your service to businesses who provide food assistance, shelter stability, and mental health services.

Stay Informed

Keeping up with current mental health information provides a foundation for all advocacy and service efforts. By staying up to date with current events and recommendations, we can accurately understand where our efforts are best suited, leading to the most influential and long-lasting changes. Visit our "Mental Health Education" page for more information. 

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