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About Us

Our Mission

Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in improving mental health and providing assistance to the most underserved populations in our area. We believe targeting mental health through preventative measures and providing feasible treatment options are crucial steps in building a better community. It is our mission to both provide and advocate for effective mental healthcare services for low income youth and their families. 

Our Story

Marquis Nuby MD, FAAP founded Nuby Pediatrics in 2006 with the goal of treating children from all walks of life. His clinic accepts most forms of insurance, including Medicaid, and offers forgiving payment plans for those who are paying out of pocket for services. Given these policies, Dr. Nuby primarily treats patients from lower income families, who are undeniably more affected by mental health complications.

Many behavioral health clinics do not accept Medicaid due to low reimbursement rates, leading to those with this insurance coverage waiting long periods of time to be seen or going without necessary services altogether.

The combination of these factors lead Dr. Nuby to try and create new resources for his patients and the surrounding Denton community. Thus, Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds was born.

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