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Our Services

In alignment with our organization's mission, we offer services in hopes of improving the mental health of our target population. Below are services we currently offer, as well as those we look forward to regularly providing as our business grows. 

Purple Podiums

Counseling Appointments

In conjunction with our community partners, we provide counseling sessions to manage your child's behavioral health. These services are offered to the patient and their family based on screening scores, mental health status, and counselor availability. Our organization will call you to schedule these appointments.

Mental Health Screenings

Needs assessments and mental health screenings will differ depending on the participant's age, background, and specific behavioral problem. Administration of these screenings occurs at individual counseling appointments, in case management meetings, and in the offices of our partners. 

Case Management

One of our priorities as an organization is to be able to offer case management services for children and their families. These services are currently limited due to the small scale of our staff, however, they will expand as our business grows and patient population widens. Click the link below to learn more about case management.

Resources and Materials

We strive to end the stigma surrounding mental health by educating the general public and advocating on behalf of our stakeholders. To accomplish this, we provide updated resources on our website and physical educational materials when appropriate.

Community Connections

Our organization aims to improve the mental health of children and teenagers under our own roof whenever possible, but we maintain deep ties to other  services available in our area when a patient's needs exceed what we are able to offer. 

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