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Building a better community and improving mental health

As a grassroots organization based in north Texas, we believe access to effective mental healthcare services, culturally competent health education, and meaningful advocacy are vital to help our community thrive. 

Texas residents rely on Medicaid for medical insurance coverage

Counties in Texas are considered mental health professional shortage areas

Days on average are spent by low-income children waiting on mental health services 

Percent of children with mental disorders will not receive specialized treatment

About Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds

At Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds, we strive to improve our community by serving the most vulnerable groups of the population. We believe access to mental health care is imperative for those of all ages, but especially children and teens from low-income families.

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Upcoming projects that need funding

Caring Hearts and Thriving Minds, along with our community partners, have ongoing projects and programs that need proper funding to be implemented in our community. Click the link below to donate now.


If you are unable to assist financially, visit our "Take Action" page to learn about other ways you can help our organization advocate for those in need.

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